party packages

Phil will arrive at your party and entertain the children for the entire time he is there. There is non-stop entertainment for the children including magic tricks, crazy puppets, epic games (including a giant snow ball fight) and disco with lights, bubbles and snow foam.

The party is structured with the first hour being a warm up to get the children comfortable followed by the magic show, then a 20-25 minute break while they eat and are served cake, and the final 35-40 minutes are the epic disco.

Phil needs 45 minutes to set up (or he can do it in 30 minutes if you have someone who is able to help him unload at the start), and 30 minutes to set down. Phil can entertain in village halls or homes. He can entertain outdoors if there is appropriate wet/super sunny contingency plan, and his speaker and bubble machines can work without a power supply. 

Phil can entertain anything from small groups of 5-10 children up to larger parties with 30-40 children. The cost is the same irrespective of the number of children. For larger groups please contact us directly.

For pricing please check the new website. For availability either use the contact form below or email Generally, weekends are fully booked 2-3 months in advance. If you are looking for something more short notice then week day after school parties are a great choice, read on below…

You can enjoy Phil’s full two hour package after school; for pricing please check the new website

For parties held after school we also offer a shorter 1.5 hour package. This has all best bits of a Phil’s party crammed in (magic, puppets, disco, mad games, snow ball fight) and a shorter 15-20 minute break for food. Children absolutely love the buzz after school, and we have had so much great feedback from parents and children about these parties!

(For parties over 30 minutes or 20 miles away from Cheltenham there is an additional mileage cost.)

Get your party off to a sparkly start by having Phil apply glitter tattoos for all the guests. Phil has a range of colours and stencils. He does this at the start of the party while the children arrive and play in the cloud of bubbles from his bubble machine. For groups of 25 plus he then carries on with the tattoos during the break for food, to make sure that every child has one.

For a fun party favour, Phil can give out a balloon model to each child at the end of the party. Phil makes the balloon models up beforehand so there are no queues of children waiting for one, but is always happy to make any extra that are needed if one pops or a child wants a special colour.

For the regular balloon option, Phil will bring a mixture of swords, poodles and sausage dogs, flowers, butterflies, hearts, unicorns and dinosaurs. For the deluxe balloon option, (which are models all made out of two or more balloons), Phil will bring a mixture of epic deluxe swords, beautiful deluxe butterflies, crazy jester hats, flower hats and pretty flower charm bracelets.

For pricing please check the new website.

Maddy joined Cotswold Children’s Parties in Summer 2023 and has been off to a flying start! We have kitted Maddy out with lights, bubble machines and snow machine, as well as creating our first bubble show, where Maddy will show the children tricks with bubbles, even putting a whole child in a bubble, and then giving them a chance to try it out themselves with some interactive bubble stations. After the first hour, Maddy also has a break for the children to eat, followed by an epic disco, including all of the favourites: lights, dancing, parachute, games, a chance to learn some hula hoop tricks and of course an epic snow ball fight!

Maddy’s parties are suitable for up to 30 children, and is suitable for ages 2-6.

For pricing please check the new website.

School/preschool Party:
Magic show, disco, including snow foam, parachute and crazy games.
Large assembly: For unlimited (school age) children sat down:
Magic show and large game show style games the children can enjoy from their seat.
School disco type event: For up to 60 children, week day after school hours.
Magic show, disco, snow foam, lights, parachute, games.
For pricing please check the new website.

For places further than 30 minutes from Cheltenham there is an additional mileage charge.

For milage pricing please check the new website

Phil attends parties with a huge range of themes. Children love it when all the extra details, (such as the invites, decorations, food, cake or a fancy dress request on the invites), tie together in a specific theme. Phil’s magic and disco can fit into any theme and if you let him know what the theme is then he can complement this, for instance with a specific song in the disco.